Transformation of Taipei Industrial Zone in Land Use Planning: Historical Review
學年 106
學期 1
發表日期 2017-11-28
作品名稱 Transformation of Taipei Industrial Zone in Land Use Planning: Historical Review
著者 王章凱
會議名稱 The International Conference on Economics (ICE) 2017
會議地點 Sabah, Malaysia
摘要 Japanese colonial government had readjusted the industrial policy due to the need of Pacific War. They set up many military-material-supply industries on the rural lands surrounding the downtown Taipei. After WWII, all those Japanese founded companies were transferred to the Nationalist Government and became state-owned assets. Gradually, they had been embraced by developed communities and became rare cross-street blocks within downtown. As a preliminary research, this paper focuses on the industrial land use transformation of postwar Taipei City. Through the literature review and identification of map information in the industrial and urban development, this paper explores the historical transformation of industrial zone of Taipei land use planning. Taipei City Government has conducted various researches and urban planning to provide relevant strategies and regulations to control the usage of industrial land stock that may well contributive to steer its industrial development and regulate its urban structure. However, market forces override and continue with changes in zoning control and eventually determine its land use and lead to urban planning remain as merely a tool for developmentism.
關鍵字 land use;zoning;industrial zone;urban planning
語言 en
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 20171128~20171129
通訊作者 王章凱
國別 MYS

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