Splitter placement in all-optical WDM networks
學年 94
學期 1
發表日期 2005-11-28
作品名稱 Splitter placement in all-optical WDM networks
著者 Hwa-Chun Lin; Sheng-Wei Wang
會議名稱 2005 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM05)
會議地點 St. Louis, USA
摘要 In all-optical WDM networks, splitters at branch nodes are used to realize multicast trees. It is expensive to place splitters at all of the nodes in an all-optical WDM network. To reduce the cost, splitters can be placed at a subset of nodes. The problem of selecting a subset of nodes to place the splitters such that certain performance measure is optimized is called the splitter placement problem. Splitter placement problems in all-optical WDM networks in which a single light tree is constructed to realize each multicast connection have been studied in previous researches. This paper studies the splitter placement problem in all-optical WDM networks in which a light forest consisting of a collection of light trees is used to realize a multicast connection. The goal is to place a given number of splitters in the network such that the average per link wavelength resource usage of multicast connections is minimized. An upper bound and a lower bound on the per link average wavelength resource usage for a given number of multicast connections are derived. Two splitter placement methods are proposed for this problem. The two proposed splitter methods are shown to yield significant lower average wavelength resource usage than the random placement method. One of the methods is shown to produce near minimum average wavelength resource usage.
關鍵字 Intelligent networks;WDM networks;Bandwidth;Optical wavelength conversion;Optical fiber networks;High speed optical techniques;Wavelength division multiplexing;Video on demand;Optical switches;Wavelength conversion
語言 en_US
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20051128~20051202
國別 USA

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