Accident aware localization mechanism for wireless sensor networks
學年 102
學期 2
出版(發表)日期 2014-06-02
作品名稱 Accident aware localization mechanism for wireless sensor networks
著者 Chao-Tsun Chang , Chih-Yung Chang , Tzu-Lin Wang
著錄名稱、卷期、頁數 vol. 74. no. 9, pp. 2831–2844
摘要 Accurate location information is important for event reporting, coverage estimation, and location-aware routing in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Recently, a number of range-free localization schemes have been proposed to provide each static sensor with location information, which is represented by a rectangular region. However, most WSN applications are applied in outdoor environments where the sensors’ location regions could be incorrect due to sudden accidents. This paper proposes an Active Location Correction Protocol, called ALCP, for detecting and correcting the occurrence of location error based on the bounding box technology. Performance study reveals that applying the ALCP to improve the location accuracies can enhance the performance of the well-known GPSR routing in terms of routing length, sensing coverage, and packet arrival rate.
關鍵字 Location correctionBounding boxLocalizationWireless sensor networks
語言 en
ISSN 0743-7315
期刊性質 國外
收錄於 SCI
國別 USA
出版型式 ,電子版

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