Direct Width Adaptation of a Fuzzy Controller
學年 88
學期 1
發表日期 1999-11-19
作品名稱 Direct Width Adaptation of a Fuzzy Controller
著者 Chen, Jen-Yang; Wong, Ching-Chang
作品所屬單位 淡江大學電機工程學系
會議名稱 第四屆人工智慧與應用研討會
會議地點 彰化, 臺灣
摘要 In this paper, a designed scheme for the fuzzy controller through width adaptation of universe of discourse is presented. The proposed adaptation law, which results from the direct adaptive approach, is used to appropriately determine the width of output variable. The resulting of membership function in THEN-part will vary from the width adaptation. The main advantage of the proposed method is that the structure of fuzzy controller does not need to be changed while using a common design procedure. We know that it is not easy to characterize the linguistic control rules and its membership function distribution without expert's knowledge; especially, in those cases when the input variables of fuzzy controller are increased. In this study, we first organize a fuzzy controller without any specific experience information about the controlled system. An adaptive law is then used to tune the width of universe of discourse in the THEN-part to appropriately determine each membership function's distribution. Finally, a nonlinear system simulation example is applied to verifying the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy controller.
關鍵字 模糊控制器;隸屬函數;適應性;模糊集合;Fuzzy Controller;Membership Function;Adaptation;Fuzzy Set
語言 zh_TW
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 19991119~19991119
國別 TWN
公開徵稿 Y
出版型式 紙本
出處 第四屆人工智慧與應用研討會論文集,頁193-199

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