Multiple Billing Services On the PSTN and VOIP
學年 93
學期 2
發表日期 2005-06-03
作品名稱 Multiple Billing Services On the PSTN and VOIP
著者 Wu, Shih-Jung, et al.
作品所屬單位 淡江大學資訊創新與科技學系
會議名稱 TSEC 2005 第一屆台灣軟體工程研討會
會議地點 中央大學, 台灣
摘要 The technology of voice over IP (VOIP) has been become more useful than traditional VOIP technology. In the past, human used the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to dial up from the source site to the destination place, but this method had occupied one line until terminating talking. Nowadays, the Internet is most popular and uses in the widespread areas such as habitation, school, enterprises, the government and airports. Furthermore, the communication on the Internet is without occupied one line until terminating talking. Also, the new VOIP technology with flexible billing system is instead of the traditional technology with the fix and expensive communication fees. Billing System will be according to the user profile (User ID, telephone, address, etc...), Rating Plan, Tariff& Sharing Schemes and Bill data to calculate the communication fees. The communication bill list will be produced after bill production finishes whole process. The Bill Printing will print the bill list by the bill cycle and send the bill list to user via mail or E-mail. And the user can access the web site to know the information of bill and more.
關鍵字 VOIP;Billing;H.323
語言 en
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20050603~20050604
國別 TWN
出處 TSEC 2005 第一屆台灣軟體工程研討會

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