reference letter
學年 112
學期 1
服務開始日期 2023-09-19
服務結束日期 2023-09-19
中文姓名 劉一成 Yi-cheng Liu
服務單位名稱 國企系
擔任職務 reference letter
服務性質 5
備註 [11:38 AM] 曹海霞 hello professor, how are you? I hope you doin good.. as you remember me, I am one of your student, gabriela shanice 曹海霞 last semester I took your investment class.. and now I want to apply my master degree to several university in UK.. if you dont mind, can you help me to do my recommendation letter? to complete all the documents needed for the application process [11:38 AM] 曹海霞 thankyou very much🙏 [11:39 AM] 劉一成 Good afternoon. [11:40 AM] 劉一成 Thanks for your message. [11:40 AM] 劉一成 May I ask what names of other classmates in your group and your student ID number, please. [11:40 AM] 劉一成 Thanks [11:41 AM] 曹海霞 my name is shanice student id 409616017 [11:41 AM] 劉一成 Yes, it is a great pleasure to support your further higher education overseas. [11:41 AM] 曹海霞 last semester my group members are michael, stephen and i am classmate with jason briant