European Parliamentary Diplomacies And Like-Minded Taiwan: An Analysis of Actors, Processes, And Impacts
學年 111
學期 2
發表日期 2023-06-26
作品名稱 European Parliamentary Diplomacies And Like-Minded Taiwan: An Analysis of Actors, Processes, And Impacts
著者 Reinhard Biedermann
會議名稱 20th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference
會議地點 London, U.K.
摘要 New terms in international diplomatic jargon and their embedding signal changes in the global environment, as does “like-mindedness" concerning the relations between liberal democracies and Taiwan vis-a-vis China. European Taiwan-affiliated and Taiwanese actors regularly use this term. This research project applies sentiment analysis to explore: How and to what effect are the EU - Taiwan relations like-minded? Recent years have shown more robust activity on behalf of the European Parliament, which decided on various resolutions supporting Taiwan's international status. The EP calls on the EU's foreign policies and National governments for policy changes. Game theoretically, the European Parliament plays coordination games at two levels. The Parliament coordinates with other European and transnational Parliamentarians at the horizontal level, as seen concerning the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. Although these are simple coordination games, the analysis might reveal different emphases between European and non-European actors. More demanding is coordination with the EU and National governments, where implementation occurs (or not). Like-mindedness comprises defensive, offensive, value-adding, and reformist categories. For instance, European parliamentary diplomacy increases awareness to defend against misinformation from China and inform about Taiwan. The Parliaments are offensive concerning a more supportive Taiwan positioning. Furthermore, it adds value concerning specific policies to open new policy spaces between the EU and Taiwan. Finally, it is reformist concerning fundamental changes in the EU's China and Taiwan policies. This research shall contribute to a much better understanding and scaling of European sentiments concerning Taiwan around like-mindedness and at the international level with other liberal democracies.
語言 en
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20230626~20230728
國別 GBR

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