Correlations Based on Numerical Validation of Oscillating Flow Regenerator
學年 110
學期 2
出版(發表)日期 2022-07-18
作品名稱 Correlations Based on Numerical Validation of Oscillating Flow Regenerator
著者 Kuruchanvalasu Jambulingam Bharanitharan; Sundararaj Senthilkumar; Kuan-Lin Chen; Kuan-Yu Luo; Shung-Wen Kang
著錄名稱、卷期、頁數 Processes 10(7), 1400
摘要 Stirling regenerator is one of the emerging heat exchanger systems in the area of cryogenic cooling. Many kinds of research have been conducted to study the efficiency of Stirling regenerators. Therefore, the principles and related knowledge of Stirling refrigerators must be thoroughly understood to design a regenerator with excellent performance for low‐temperature and cryogenic engineering applications. In this study, an experimental setup is developed to estimate the pressure drop of the oscillating flow through two different wire‐mesh regenerators, namely, 200 mesh and 300 mesh, for various operating frequencies ranging from 3 (200 RPM) to 10 Hz (600 RPM). Transient, axisymmetric, incompressible, and laminar flow governing equations are solved numerically, and source terms are added in the governing equations with the help of the porous media model and the Ergun semiempirical correlation, assuming that the wire meshes are cylindrical particles arranged uniformly. Simulation results show that the numerical predictions of temporal pressure variation are in reasonably good agreement with those of experimental findings. It is also found that the Ergun correlation works more accurately for higher flow rate conditions.
關鍵字 stirling regenerator;porous media;oscillating flow;wire‐mesh regenerator;pressure drop characteristics
語言 en
ISSN 2227-9717
期刊性質 國外
收錄於 SCI EI
通訊作者 Shung-Wen Kang
國別 CHE
出版型式 ,電子版

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