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學年 111
學期 1
編審開始日期 2023-01-03
編審結束日期 2023-01-03
中文姓名 張勝雄 Sheng-hsiung Chang
期刊學報名稱 Journal of Business to Business Marketing
國內外別 2
備註 03-Jan-2023 Dear Dr Sheng-Hsiung Chang: Thank you for reviewing The manuscript, "Role of functional company characteristics on food franchisee behavior" for Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. We greatly appreciate the voluntary contribution that each reviewer gives to the Journal. We hope that we may continue to seek your assistance with the refereeing process for Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, and hope also to receive your own research papers that are appropriate to our aims and scope. Sincerely, Dr Forrest Yang Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
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