UCL Reference Received
學年 111
學期 1
服務開始日期 2022-12-20
服務結束日期 2022-12-20
中文姓名 張勝雄 Sheng-hsiung Chang
服務單位名稱 國企系
擔任職務 推薦人
服務性質 4
備註 Dear Sheng-Hsiung Chang Thank you for providing a reference for Miss YU-CHIN HUANG Programme TMSCOMSING01 MSc Computer Science/Seq 0044 Academic Year 2023 Mode of Attendance - Full-time Start Date - 25/Sep/2023 Your reference has been uploaded to the application and will be considered alongside the other documentation submitted in support of their application. Yours sincerely UCL Admissions