Referee request from Chen Yeh
學年 111
學期 1
服務開始日期 2022-11-04
服務結束日期 2022-11-04
中文姓名 張勝雄 Sheng-hsiung Chang
服務單位名稱 國企系
擔任職務 Referee request from Chen Yeh
服務性質 4
備註 Dear Referee, Chen Yeh has applied for the course Marketing (M.Sc.) at Trinity College, Dublin and has cited your name as a referee. I would be grateful if you would upload a reference on their behalf. Your reference is required in order to enable Trinity College, Dublin to assess Chen Yeh’s application. It would be greatly appreciated if you could download and complete the academic reference template. Upon completion of the reference template I would kindly ask that you upload it via the following link: upload academic reference template. The Freedom of Information Act, 1997 applies to all universities in the Republic of Ireland. Information which you provide in confidence will be treated as such, except in the case of references provided by staff or bodies covered by the Irish Freedom of Information Act, 1997, which the College may be required to release to the subject of the reference. Confidential references from staff outside this jurisdiction or from bodies not covered under the Act will not be released without prior consultation with the provider. If you have any queries regarding this request please could you contact Yours sincerely, Dean of Graduate Studies Trinity College Dublin