CoFabs: An interactive fabrication process framework
學年 109
學期 1
出版(發表)日期 2020-09-03
作品名稱 CoFabs: An interactive fabrication process framework
著者 T-W Chang; C-F Hsiao; C-Y Chen; H-Y Huang
出版者 Springer
著錄名稱、卷期、頁數 Architectural Intelligence
摘要 In the early stages of maker practice, there are many practical problems or design errors that need to be taken care of on their own. In order to lower the manufacturing threshold and obtain as much information on the relevant services as possible, makers sometimes try to simulate and test their works in digital ways before manufacturing them. However, after the process of digital simulation, the maker must hand over the design drawings to the manufacturing unit to develop the prototype. This materialization step requires a long period of time for the consultation, waiting, manufacturing, and adjustment phases. Thus, how to shorten and facilitate the timeline of the prototyping process has become a very important issue in the analysis of a maker’s design practice manufacturing workflow. This article advances a “seeing-moving-seeing” design thinking model that can help designers refine their ideas through observations, as they can directly see the result of their intuitive gestures and present their works with design media. This model, therefore, makes it easier for the makers to explain what they are thinking. In addition, through the model, they can further extend the possibilities of multiple production processes by designing, manufacturing, and integrating tools through the use of a robotic arm. The “seeing-moving-seeing” model proposes that there are three different aspects that respond to the temporary design prototyping process: human features, physical features, and robotic arm manufacturing. We simplify the communication of computing systems through an immersive visual interface and the rendering of real-time feedback, so that makers can focus upon their practice of implementing design ideas.
關鍵字 Robot arm;Digital fabrication;Mixed reality;Design process
語言 en
ISBN 978-981-15-6567-0

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