Bioprocessing of Marine Chitinous Wastes for the Production of Bioactive Prodigiosin
學年 109
學期 2
出版(發表)日期 2021-05-24
作品名稱 Bioprocessing of Marine Chitinous Wastes for the Production of Bioactive Prodigiosin
著者 Nguyen TH; Wang SL; Nguyen DM; Nguyen AD; Nguyen TH; Doan MD; Ngo VA; Doan CT; Kuo YH; Nguyen VB
著錄名稱、卷期、頁數 Molecules 26 (11), 3138
摘要 Recently, microbial prodigiosin (PG) has received much attention due to its numerous beneficial applications. The aim of this study was to establish the bioprocessing of marine chitinous wastes (MCWs) for the cost‐effective preparation of PG. Of the MCWs, demineralized shrimp shell powders (de‐SSP) were found to be a potential source of carbon/nitrogen (C/N) for PG production by bacterial fermentation using Serratia marcescens strains. Further, PG scale‐up production was in‐ vestigated in a 15 L bioreactor system, and the highest yield (6200 mg/L) was achieved during fer‐ mentation using 5 L of a novel‐designed culture broth that included 1.60% C/N sources (a de‐SSP/ca‐ sein ratio of 7/3), 0.02% K2SO4, and 0.05% K2HPO4, with an initial pH of 6–7. Fermentation was con‐ ducted in the dark at 27.5 °C for 8.0 h. This study was the first to report on the utilization of shrimp wastes for cost‐effective, large‐scale (5 L/pilot) PG production with high productivity (6200 mg/L) in a short cultivation time. The combination of 0.02% K2SO4 and 0.05% K2HPO4 was also found to be a novel salt composition that significantly enhanced PG yield. The red compound was purified and confirmed as PG after analyzing its HPLC profile, mass, and UV/vis spectra. The purified PG was then tested for its bioactivities and showed effective anticancer activities, moderated antioxi‐ dant activities, and novel anti‐NO effects.
關鍵字 prodigiosin;Serratia marcescens;shrimp shells;bioreactor;fermentation;antioxidants;anti‐NO activity
語言 en
期刊性質 國外
收錄於 SCI
通訊作者 San-Lang, Wang
國別 CHE
出版型式 ,電子版

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