Solidarity under cross fire--the impact of refugees crisis on EU, 2015-2017
學年 109
學期 2
發表日期 2021-04-14
作品名稱 Solidarity under cross fire--the impact of refugees crisis on EU, 2015-2017
著者 Yih-Lin Hwang
會議名稱 The Challenge of the EU and its Interaction with Indo-Pacific Countries
會議地點 Ching-sheng International Conference Hall, Tamkang University
摘要 In 2015, due to civil war, more than 850,000 refugees, mostly from Syria, made their way from Turkey to Greek Islands and tried to seek asylum in European Union (EU), causing EU a huge burden in terms of refugee management. Some member states even refuse to follow EU and international regulation and policy, making EU’s solidarity at stake. This paper will first depict the backdrop of refugee crisis and response from EU administration. It looks at the refuge issue and discloses member states’ difficulties in compliance with EU refuge management policy. Then, individual member states and their alliance’s reaction would be examined. Although individual member states and alliances have various reactions to achieve different goals, all of them may share some characteristics in common as they may be considered as emerging solidarity. This paper’s center argument has been stemmed from this point of view, which is to provide alternative angles to the current refuge crisis management on national and inter-national scales.
關鍵字 European Union;Refugees;Solidarity;Human Rights
語言 en
會議性質 國際
校內研討會地點 淡水校園
研討會時間 20210414~20210415
通訊作者 Yih-Lin Hwang
國別 TWN
出處 Conference Manual

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