A Virtual Handwriting Tablet Based on Pen Shadow Cues
學年 102
學期 2
發表日期 2014-07-22
作品名稱 A Virtual Handwriting Tablet Based on Pen Shadow Cues
著者 Chin-Shyurng Fahn; Bo-Yuan Su; Meng-Luen Wu
會議名稱 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
會議地點 Crete, Greece
摘要 The handwriting tablet is an electronic product, which is a kind of human-computer interfaces acting as a computer input device comprising a set of a special pen and a tablet. The user holds the pen to draw contents within a region of the tablet as inputs, which imitates handwriting and is a replacement of mouse inputs. Some handwriting tablets not only imitate the handwriting and mouse functions, but also detect the pen tilts and pressures. The tilt and pressure information can be applied to some drawing software which can also render the thickness and depth of strokes. However, since the handwriting tablet is a piece of precise equipment, it has some drawbacks- fragile, not easy to carry, and the weight is often heavy. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new concept based on the computer vision technology to simulate the handwriting tablet. We put a rectangular plane in the FOV of a video camera to emulate a tablet, and use a conventional pen to emulate the stylus. Many experiments have been made for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed methods. The performance of such a virtual handwriting tablet is very satisfactory and encouraged.
關鍵字 virtual handwriting tablet;shadow cues;computer vision;human-computer interface
語言 en_US
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20140722~20140727
國別 GRC
出處 Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced Interaction Modalities and Techniques, p.224-233

機構典藏連結 ( http://tkuir.lib.tku.edu.tw:8080/dspace/handle/987654321/120095 )