Effects of long elastic steel sheet vibration energy harvester
學年 107
學期 1
發表日期 2018-12-08
作品名稱 Effects of long elastic steel sheet vibration energy harvester
著者 Yi-Ren Wang; Bo-Yan Chen; Ming-Syun Wong
會議名稱 2018 AASRC Conference
會議地點 NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan
摘要 This study considers a slender fixed-free nonlinear beam to simulate the main body of a vibration elastic steel sheet (ESS). We added another elastic steel sheet (ESS) to the main ESS to instruct a double elastic steel sheet (DESS) vibration system. The piezoelectric patch (Piezo-Patch) was installed on the proper position of the DESS system. The objective of this study is to find if there is any internal resonance in this system and convert the vibration energy into electric energy. We applied Newton's second law of motion, and referred to the Bernoulli-Euler Beam theoretical model, the equation of motion was derived and coupled with the current equation derived from the electric energy theory. We employed the method of multiple scales (MOMS) to analyze this nonlinear problem. The Fixed point plots (steady state frequency response) were obtained. In addition, in order to analyze the electric energy efficiency, we analyze the coupled system by the fourth-order Runge-Kutta method, and compare it with the experimental results to prove that the theoretical model can accurately predict the experimental results.
語言 zh_TW
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 20181208~20181208
國別 TWN

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