Adaptive Job Assign Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Server Cloud Computing
學年 103
學期 1
發表日期 2014-08-27
作品名稱 Adaptive Job Assign Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Server Cloud Computing
著者 Qiu, Jing-Yue; Wei, Hsin-Wen; Lee, Wei-Tsong; Lin, Yu-Chang
作品所屬單位 淡江大學電機工程學系
會議名稱 International Conference on Communications and Robotics 2014 (CARE'14)
會議地點 Kokura, Japan
摘要 The size of data used by enterprises, academia and sciences in recently years has been growing at an exponential rate day by day. Simultaneously, the requirement to process and analyze the large quality of data is also increased. In the previous method, a single computer or a small number of computers cannot process and monitor these large amounts of data, but cloud system can handle the requirement and reduce the costs of data processing now. Therefore, lots of enterprises use the cloud system to process this problem. A basic framework of the cloud system is MapReduce. User must configure the relative setting including the number of computers and virtual machines before running the MapReduce. Each data size is not the same, and users may claim more or less computers and virtual machines than they need, and waste cloud resources or run out of resources. When the job is put in to cloud system, at first, it is processed by a single node for a period of time and if the node detects that the job cannot be completed within the period of time, the node ask another to share the computation. Then, all nodes continue processing until the end of the job. Therefore we proposed mechanism constructs hierarchical dynamic configuration of cloud system (HDCOCS) to efficiently use the resources in the cloud.
語言 en_US
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20140827~20140829
國別 JPN
公開徵稿 Y
出版型式 紙本

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