E-Diary Learning System for Tour-Guided Learning
學年 91
學期 2
發表日期 2003-06-27
作品名稱 E-Diary Learning System for Tour-Guided Learning
著者 Shih, Kuei-Ping
作品所屬單位 淡江大學資訊工程學系
會議名稱 第三屆離島資訊技術與應用研討會=2003 Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Outlying Inslands (ITAOI2003)
會議地點 澎湖縣, 臺灣
摘要 在資訊發達的時代,各方面的應用已有許多的資訊技術被發展,包括:工業、商 業及教育等。在教育方面,人們注重的是如何以成熟的資訊技術為人類帶來高效 率的學習,就是懷著上述的這個理念,我們發展了一套新的學習系統,此系統是 由三個子系統所構成:(1)學習發展平台(2) 室內外行動導覽系統(3) 電子旅遊 學習日記系統,本篇論文是著重於電子旅遊學習日記系統。電子旅遊學習日記是 以發展一套旅遊資訊管理系統為主,藉由此系統提供的功能可以將現今的各種格 式的資料作成一份有系統的文件,包括:文字、影像、聲音…等,此系統包括多 個元件(e.x importer, exporter, e-Diary viewer),透過Importer 元件使用 者可將旅遊途中所蒐集及記載之資料,做一事後之整理及管理,並重現使用者旅 遊當時的情境,讓使用者有重遊舊地之感,Exporter 元件可讓使用者將系統中 的日記紀錄匯出到光碟等儲存體,此系統分成兩大功能:系統管理及日記瀏覽, 前者包含了使用者管理與日記管理兩個功能,後者則提供使用者對已儲存的日記 紀錄做存取與瀏覽,此外,此系統也適合用於室外教學,提供老師更有效率和生 動的教學方式,進而提升學生的學習效果,所以電子旅遊學習日記在生活上的資 料管理與教學上的學習效率都提供了莫大的助益。目前為止,電子學習日記系統 是發展在單機上運作,將來的工作是要加入網路功能,提供網路版本的電子學習 日記系統。 Recently many information technologies have been developed for multiple applications such as manufacturing, business, and education. For education, to develop a good learning management system is a critical issue due to it can increase the users' learning efficiency. A novel learning management system we developed is composes of three subsystems: (1) Development Platform for Active Learning. (2) Outdoor and Indoor Tour Guide System. (3) e-Diary Learning System for Tour-Guided Learning. In this paper, we stress on the architecture, learning model, and applications of the above third subsystem. The main idea of this subsystem is to integrate multiple multimedia data such as text, image, video, and voice into the valuable information. Many components (e.g., importer, exporter, and e-Diary viewer) are comprised in the subsystem. The records kept on the trip can be imported from users. They can review the scenery been seen and the places been visited. The trip data can also be exported to the storage medium (e.g., compact disc, hard disc). Thus it is also regarded as a tour information management system. The subsystem consists of two major functions, system administration and diary browse. The first one includes the user management and the diary management. The second one focuses on the reappearance of the tour. Besides travelogue making, this subsystem is suitable for the learning of extracurricular activities. It provides teachers the useful and vivid manners to increase the learning efficiency of students. The experimental results appear that the proposed subsystem has the following advantages: (1) improving the quality of teaching (2) increasing the students' learning interests (3) facilitating data storage and review. Up to now, the proposed subsystem only works in single PC. Our ongoing work is to enhance the network functions of the current subsystem to migrate to Intranet or Internet.
關鍵字 資訊化技術;旅遊導覽;學習;多媒體;Information technology;Tour system;Learning;Multimedia
語言 zh_TW
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 20030627~20030627
國別 TWN
公開徵稿 Y
出版型式 紙本
出處 第三屆離島資訊技術與應用研討會論文集=Proceedings of 2003 Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Outlying Inslands (ITAOI2003),頁17-26

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