The Friction Characteristics of Gaseous Slip Flow in Microtubes
學年 90
學期 1
出版(發表)日期 2001-09-01
作品名稱 The Friction Characteristics of Gaseous Slip Flow in Microtubes
作品名稱(其他語言) 微圓管滑動氣體流場摩擦特性之探討
著者 陳慶祥; Chen, Ching-shung; 康尚文; Kang, Shung-wen; 郭維仁; Kuo, Wei‐jen
單位 淡江大學航空太空工程學系
出版者 Taipei : Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers
著錄名稱、卷期、頁數 Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers=中國工程學刊 24(5), pp.641-647
摘要 The present work studies the friction characteristics of gaseous slip flow in microtubes. The reduced diameter of microtubes has significant influences on the flow. The degree of influence depends on the Knudsen number. If the Knudsen number is in the range of 10−3 to 0.1, the fluid can be assumed to be a continuum but a slip boundary condition at the tube wall has to be employed to account for the incomplete tangential momentum and energy exchanges between the gas molecules and the wall. Although slip flow in microtubes can be investigated by solving numerically the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, the hyperbolic-parabolic character of the equations makes it very inefficient. The very large length to diameter ratio of microtube flows suggests that they can be predicted accurately as well as efficiently by solving the compressible boundary-layer equations. The parabolic character of the boundary-layer equations renders the present method a very efficient and accurate tool in studying slip flows. The results confirm the findings of earlier investigators that the product of f . Re is smaller for laminar microtube flows than that predicted by the conventional theory when the flow is in the slip region.
關鍵字 滑動流;微流道;微機電系統 Slip flow;Microtube flow;MEMs
語言 en
ISSN 0253-3839
期刊性質 國內
收錄於 SCI EI
通訊作者 陳慶祥
國別 TWN
出版型式 紙本

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