Seismic Analysis of Asymmetric Wall-Frame Structures
學年 97
學期 1
發表日期 2008-11-28
作品名稱 Seismic Analysis of Asymmetric Wall-Frame Structures
著者 Lei, Ying-Hui; Chien, Yu-Lin; Chen, Chih-Hwa
作品所屬單位 淡江大學資訊創新與科技學系
會議名稱 2008中華民國力學學會年會暨第三十二屆全國力學會議=2008 the 32nd National Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
會議地點 嘉義, 臺灣
摘要 The highly asymmetric structure usually exhibits significant torsional effects arising from the non-coincidence of mass- and shear centers, when subjected to a strong ground excitation. Since both the magnitude and the orientation of structural eccentricity are not only dependent upon the layout of inner shear walls but also closely related to the outer geometric pattern of the structure, a multistory walled building with an L-type configuration is hence chosen as the target investigated herein so as to recognize the correlation between structural seismic behaviors and some crucial parameters. To acquire the satisfactory analytical results the degenerated shell element and a sophisticated 3-D soil-structure interaction model will be, respectively, used for modeling the slab and reinforced shear walls and for simulating the interaction forces between the structure and the soil. Furthermore, in order to obtain more realistic solutions, the influences of the substructure and the soil property on the torsional responses of the global system will be also investigated in detail.
關鍵字 Asymmetric structure;Multistory walled structure;Degenerated shell element;Soil-structure interaction
語言 en
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 20081128~20081129
國別 TWN
出處 2008中華民國力學學會年會暨第三十二屆全國力學會議論文集=Proceedings of 2008 the 32nd National Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 8p.

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