學年 85
學期 2
發表日期 1997-03-13
作品名稱 Internet與教學的省思
作品名稱(其他語言) Reflective Thinking of Internet from Teaching and Learning Perspectives
著者 施郁芬
作品所屬單位 淡江大學教育科技學系
出版者 臺北市 : 銘傳管理學院
會議名稱 第六屆國際電腦輔助教學研討會=The Sixth International on Computer-Assisted Instruction
會議地點 臺北市, 臺灣
摘要 Internet可以說是目前極具影響力、傳播力的最新媒體。尤其是具多媒體、超媒體特性及整合諸多Internet功能的WWW已廣受歡迎並迅速成長,帶來全面而深遠的影響。科技或媒體應用於教育,可以改變或促進學習內容、方式及學習者;然而重要的問題是如何應用?又如何應用得當?更進一步地,教育工作者應自教、學的立場思考該有什麼樣的科技媒體,進而設計、創造、應用、並評估之。本文主要目的在探討Internet在教學上的應用、未來的教育創新及影響、以及教育工作者應有的認識及準備。 Internet has become the most powerful new medium in the turn of century. Particularly WWW that equipped with multimedia / hypermedia characteristics and many other Internet functions, has burst world wide and continuously been growing fast. The influence WWW bring is undoubtedly wide and deep. Technology and media used in Education may change or improve learning, content, method, and learners. However, the more important questions are whether it's proprely used? How should it be used? Furthermore, educators should consider from teaching and learning perspective. What technology and media do we need? Then to design, create, use, and evaluate it. This paper is to discuss the use of Internet in Education, the change and impact it brings, and what educators should know and prepare.
關鍵字 電腦輔助教學;網際網路;全球資訊網;學習環境;Computer Assisted Instruction;Internet;World Wide Web;Learning Environment
語言 zh_TW
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 19970313~19970315
國別 TWN
出處 第六屆國際電腦輔助教學研討會論文集=Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Computer-Assisted Instruction,頁265-271

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