Optimization of a desiccant aided evaporative cooling system
學年 73
學期 2
發表日期 1985-05-10
作品名稱 Optimization of a desiccant aided evaporative cooling system
著者 Wang, S.H.; Chiang, H.C.
作品所屬單位 淡江大學水資源及環境工程學系
出版者 臺北市:經濟部能源委員會
會議名稱 中華民國七十四年工業能源有效利用技術研討會
會議地點 臺北市, 臺灣
摘要 The typically humid climate is not amenable to present evaporative cooling systems. This study seeks to develop a system which would include drying the humid air (by using a desiccant) for efficient use in the evaporative cooler. The optimization analysis employs a high efficiency desiccant which could be regenerated by solar energy and uses designs engaging an indoor comfort range techniques instead of a design-point to achieve realistic optimum systems. The simulated results provide a design, operation and sensitivity analysis for a residential cooling example.
語言 en
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 19850510~19850511
國別 TWN
公開徵稿 Y
出版型式 紙本
出處 中華民國七十四年工業能源有效利用技術研討會論文集=Proceedings of the symposium on industrial energy conservation technology, pp.11-19~23

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