A case study of application of educational technology in global education
學年 92
學期 2
發表日期 2004-05-28
作品名稱 A case study of application of educational technology in global education
著者 Chih-Chiang Chen; Hsun-Fung Kao
作品所屬單位 淡江大學教育科技學系
會議地點 臺灣:新北市
摘要 People around the world with different cultures, languages and races have more opportunities to
 interact with each other because of the trend of globalization. The awareness of international cultures,
 the exchange among countries on economy, diplomacy, and environment protection all deeply
 influence countries and people around the world. The emphases on the knowledge and the abilities of
 accepting different cultures, languages and races as well as societal changes become more important.
 Scholars mentioned that global education is an approach of education. The implementation of global
 education must focus on the integration of students' knowledge, skill and attitude. Experiential or
 authentic learning experience is proposed by most scholars to be the most effective way for global
 education. However, distance, costs, and time will be the barriers if we want to implement international
 exchange. Therefore, using the attributes of technology in the global education can help us to solve the
 limitation of time, space, and furthermore to facilitate face-to-face contact and interaction among
 ShowMe the World, initiated by the University of Missouri, is an international exchange project of
 global education using information technology to connect people in different areas, to enable students
 to know their own cultures, to raise students' understanding of other cultures, to be aware of that we
 live in a complex and interdependent society, to know more about others' lives and cultures by
 cooperating with opposite students and to raise global perspectives in advanced. The purpose of the
 research is to study one English teacher with her class in a junior high school which participating in
 " ShowMe the World" project and cooperating with Villa Duchesne High School in Missouri, U.S. It
 is hope that through this research we can understand the instructional design of a global education in
 terms of exchange program, document the learning of students in terms of global perspectives and
 English language, realize the roles played by the educational technology and investigate the reality of
 international exchange of two different classes from different cultures.
語言 en
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 2004-05-28~2004-05-29
國別 TWN
出處 ELT and E-learning in an Electronic Age: Issues and Alternatives,Tamsui,Taipei

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