Apparatus and method for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio
學年 93
學期 1
專利開始日期 2004-12-30
專利結束日期 2004-12-30
作品名稱 Apparatus and method for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio
著者 楊淳良; Yang, Chun-liang; Lee, San-liang; Wu, Jui-ting; Yang, Ming-hsiao
單位 淡江大學電機工程學系
描述 專利國別:美國 United States Patent: 7,391,970 Application number: 11/026,352 國際分類號:H04B 10/08
摘要 An apparatus and a method for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio are provided. It can be applied in dense wavelength-division multiplexed networks to monitor the transmission quality of each optical channel. The apparatus comprises an optical circulator, a tunable optical filter, a dithering signal, a dithered reflector, and two photodiodes. It can be integrated on a single chip. The invention utilizes the dithering and reflection functions of the dithered reflector, and passes the signal and the noise through the tunable optical filter once and twice, respectively. When the tunable optical filter is scanning and filtering the whole spectrum, the signal and noise powers are measured by the two photodiodes, respectively. The OSNR for each optical channel is then calculated according to the signal and noise powers. It can monitor channel location, wavelength drift, and OSNR by including a wavelength locker to act as an optical channel analyzer.
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