Reference Request from King's College London
學年 111
學期 1
服務開始日期 2022-12-20
服務結束日期 2022-12-20
中文姓名 張勝雄 Sheng-hsiung Chang
服務單位名稱 國企系
擔任職務 Reference Request from King's College London
服務性質 4
備註 Dear Referee, Name: YU-CHIN HUANG Programme: Computational Finance MSc (Full-Time) The applicant named above is applying to a programme at King’s College London. They have nominated you as a referee for the above programme and we would be very grateful to receive your opinion of the candidate’s qualities and suitability to the programme proposed. Submitting Your Reference on the Referee Portal If you are submitting your reference from a university or professional work email address, you may type your reference directly in to the box provided. You may also upload a word document to this section using the 'browse/upload' function. If you are not using an official university or professional email address and you are using a personal email account for this reference (e.g. @hotmail, @gmail, @qq or @163 etc.), please confirm this in your reference and state the reason why. In order to be accepted, your reference should be uploaded as an attachment on official headed paper and signed by you using the 'browse/upload' function. If you would rather change to your university or professional email address, please contact the applicant above directly. When complete, please use the 'submit' button to formally submit the reference to King's, ensuring that if you are attaching a hard copy of the reference you click on 'upload' before submitting. Please click the following link to access our online ‘Referee Portal’ to submit your reference online: We would be grateful if you could submit your reference within 7 days of receiving this request. Obtaining a Copy of Your Reference When writing a reference for any applicant, (including those outside the UK) please remember that, under the Data Protection Act, they can ask for a copy of the reference and any other personal information we hold on them. You can also select to have a copy of the reference emailed to you. This will send the text entered on this screen and any documents you uploaded. If you are unsure whether your reference was submitted, please click on the above link again which will confirm that your reference has already been submitted. If you cannot access our online ‘Referee Portal’, we would be grateful if you could contact the applicant directly explaining the issue so that they can make other arrangments. Thank you very much in advance for providing your reference. Kind Regards, King's Admissions Office