Development of Effective Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Scheduling Problems
學年 98
學期 1
發表日期 2009-08-10
作品名稱 Development of Effective Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Scheduling Problems
著者 Shih-hsin Chen; Min-chih Chen; Pei-chann Chang; Qingfu Zhang Yuh-min; Shih-hsin Chen; Min-chih Chen; Pei-chann Chang; Qingfu Zhang; Yuh-min Chen
會議名稱 2009 Multidisciplinary International Scheduling Conference (MISTA 2009)
會議地點 Dublin, Ireland
摘要 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to establish some guidelines for designing effective Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDAs). These guidelines aim at balancing intensification and diversification in EDAs. Most EDAs are able to maintain some important linkages among variables. This advantage, however, may lead to the premature convergence of EDAs since the probabilistic models no longer generating diversified solutions. In addition, overfitting might occure in EDAs. This paper proposes guidelines based on the convergence speed analysis of EDAs under different computational times for designing effective EDA algorithms. The major ideas are to increase the population diversity gradually and by hybridizing EDAs with other meta-heuristics. Using these guidelines, this research further proposes an adaptive EA/G and EA/G-GA to improve the performance of EA/G. The proposed algorithm solved the single machine scheduling problems with earliness/tardiness cost in a just-in-time scheduling environment. The experimental results indicated that the Adaptive EA/G and EA/G-GA outperform ACGA and EA/G statistically significant with different stopping criteria. When it comes to the intensification of EDAs, heuristic method is combined with EDAs.
關鍵字 effective estimation;distribution algorithm;adaptive ea;different computational time;effective eda algorithm;premature convergence;ea gga outperform acga;convergence speed analysis;population diversity;major idea;single machine;diversified solution heuristic method;probabilistic model;ea g-ga;just-in-time scheduling environment;earliness tardiness cost;experimental result;important linkage
語言 en
會議性質 國際
研討會時間 20090810~20090812
國別 IRL

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