A Core-Based Test Methodology for Fast Multipliers
學年 92
學期 1
發表日期 2003-08-12
作品名稱 A Core-Based Test Methodology for Fast Multipliers
著者 Rau, Jiann-Chyi; Lin, Chia-Hung; Lin, Ching-Hsiu
作品所屬單位 淡江大學電機工程學系
會議名稱 第十四屆超大型積體電路暨計算機輔助設計技術研討會=The 14th VLSI Design/CAD Symposium
會議地點 花蓮縣, 臺灣
摘要 To test core-based SoCs, an important step is to get the efficient test vectors for testing cores. Soft cores are usually provided with hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog. It is much more difficult to generate test vectors at higher level than at logic level. For core vendors, they design their IP cores not only add design for testability (DFT) strategyf or its cores, but also provide the most effective test vectors for core users. Based on this issue, in this paper, we propose a method to generate pseudo-exhaustive test patterns at functional level. The proposed method can be used to generate test patterns for IP cores, especially, for soft IPs.
關鍵字 快速多工器;測試策略;核心基礎;矽智產;系統單晶片;數位信號處理器;Fast multiplexer;Test strategy;Core-based;Intellectuall property(IP);System-on-a-chip (SOC);Digital signal processor (DSP)
語言 en
會議性質 國內
研討會時間 20030812~20030815
國別 TWN
公開徵稿 Y
出版型式 紙本
出處 第十四屆超大型積體電路設計暨計算機輔設計技術研討會論文摘要集=Proceedings of The 14th VLSI Design/CAD Symposium,頁437-440

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