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1 108/2 教心所 楊明磊 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 完形遊戲治療 , [108-2] 摘要:黃韵捷1.2 楊明磊1 1.淡江大學教育心理與諮商研究生 2.臺北市立聯合醫院 2.諮商與輔導(2020.02)
2 108/1 會計系 方郁惠 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Top-Down Knowledge Hiding and Innovative Work Behavior (IWB): A Three-way Moderated-Mediation Analysis of Self-Efficacy and Local/Foreign Status , [108-1] 摘要:
3 108/1 師培中心 林怡君 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Don't wait until she dies:A global perspective of the long term effects of traauma after sexual assualt , [108-1] 摘要:
4 108/1 期刊論文 發佈 Sexual violation trauma may remain undiscovered for a long time, leading to misdiagnosis and repeated trauma. , [108-1] 摘要:
5 108/1 師培中心 林怡君 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Relationships Between Concept Maps and Critical Thinking Skills , [108-1] 摘要:Although concept maps have been used to improve students' critical thinking skills, very few studies have examined the relationship between concept maps and critical thinking skills. Without this information, researchers cannot provide teachers with comprehensive suggestions for the design of concept mapping activities to improve students' critical thinking. This study aimed to examine the relationships between concept maps and critical thinking skills and explore how concept maps may differentiate individuals with low critical thinking skills from those with high critical thinking skills. A total of 70 participants were recruited from the English department of a high school in Taiwan. This study adopted a mixed-method approach. The quantitative data included students' concept map scores and critical thinking survey scores, and the qualitative data included students' concept maps. The results indicated a low Pearson correlation between the Novak and critical thinking survey scores as well as between the Gowin and critical thinking survey scores. The example scores of the concept map were the only element in Novak and Gowin's rubric that were correlated to the critical thinking survey scores. The qualitative analysis of the students' concept maps also revealed that the major difference between individuals with low critical thinking skills and those with high critical thinking skills was related to the use of examples within the concept maps.
6 108/1 西語系 林惠瑛 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 La revista de arte Goya. Una fuente importante para la enseñanza del arte español , [108-1] 摘要:
7 108/1 土木系 王人牧 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 半圓頂型屋蓋結構風壓頻譜之類神經網路模擬 , [108-1] 摘要:
8 108/1 日文系 顧錦芬 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 宮沢賢治『春と修羅』「序」の一解釈 , [108-1] 摘要:
9 107/2 英文系 張慈珊 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Students’ Perceptions about Mathematics-Literature: A Pilot Study , [107-2] 摘要:
10 108/1 公行系 蕭怡靖 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 台灣民眾的黨性極化及其對民主態度的影響 , [108-1] 摘要:
11 108/1 西語系 劉珍綾 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Estudio contrastivo del chino mandarín y el español:aspecto léxico devrealizaciones y delimitación , [108-1] 摘要:
12 108/1 教科系 何俐安 教授 期刊論文 發佈 從微世界觀點探討金融素養-以期貨知識向度為例 , [108-1] 摘要:微世界就是要創造出一個能與現實狀況互動的環境,在這個仿真的環境中,以學習者為中心,讓學生具體的感受、體驗,進而學得知識與培育素養,此觀點已應用於自然、數學、程式設計、與員工訓練上,成效良好。本研究採用準實驗設計法,以期貨為教學與學習內容;實驗組教學採用微世界觀點,包括 44 位受試者,透過虛擬交易所模擬交易讓學生體會期貨交易;比較組則是採傳統講授教學,共計 29 人;實驗過程包括前測、課程教學、實驗處理、與後測共 12 小時。研究結果顯示,實驗組的學習成效明顯優於比較組,而兩組的後測成績也皆優於前測。此外,透過師生間的交流與互動,知曉學生們除了期貨知識增長外,平日還會彼此討論、交流,能力與態度等金融素養也在滋長中。
13 108/1 資工系 鄭建富 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The Harmonized Consensus Protocol in Distributed Systems , [108-1] 摘要:
14 107/2 資工系 鄭建富 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A Flexible Consensus Protocol for Distributed Systems , [107-2] 摘要:This paper presents a new type of Consensus problem named the Consensus (n, m) with alternative plans, where n denotes the total number of processors in the network, m is the number of processors with an initial value, n ≥4 and 1 ≤ m ≤ n. Compared to the traditional Consensus problem, the Consensus (n, m) problem with alternative plans has two major features. First, each processor is no longer required to propose an initial value. It can flexibly choose to propose or not propose an initial value. This feature allows the Consensus problem to be flexibly applied in many new real-world applications of the distributed system. Second, the proposed protocol ensures that all correct processors always agree on a good plan from a correct processor and never on a bad plan. Compared to solutions of the traditional Consensus problem, which does not guarantee that all correct processors agree on a good plan, this feature ensures the rationality of the Consensus value. In other words, by solving the Consensus (n, m) problem with alternative plans, the fault tolerance and reliability of distributed systems can be improved.
15 108/2 大傳系 陳玉鈴 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Research on the Complementary Relationship between Emotion and Behavioral Response Based on S-O-R Theory:Take Taipei and Kaohsiung as examples , [108-2] 摘要:
16 108/1 日文系 蔡佩青 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 村上春樹文學中日本古典文學的吸收:短編小說《獨立器官》試論 , [108-1] 摘要:日本文学には興味がないと主張してきた村上春樹は、『海辺のカフカ』において初めて日本古典文学の最高峰と称される『源氏物語』を登場させ、そして『1Q84』では長々と『平家物語』の一節を引用している。このような「日本的なるもの」に対する意識の現れは、彼が長年の海外生活を切り上げ帰国した90年代後半から顕著となる。2014年に発表した短編小説『独立器官』に至って、村上春樹は平安歌人藤原敦忠の歌を引用し、主人公渡会医師の心境表現として用いることとなった。「逢ひ見てののちの心」に深い喪失感を覚え、終いに恋煩い故に自ら命を絶った渡会医師の悲恋物語には、引歌をはじめとする日本古典文学の手法が取り入れられている。また、物語の構成として中世説話文学の話型が巧みに取り入れられ、敦忠やその周辺人物に纏わる説話が渡会医師の人物造形に摂取されている。そのため、一篇は現代小説でありながらも随所に古典的な雰囲気が醸し出されている。村上春樹は『女のいない男たち』の「まえがき」に、短編小説を書く時にいろいろな手法、文体、シチュエーションを試していると述べている。『独立器官』はまさに彼の言う実験の場であり、春樹小説の新しい境地である。 村上春樹曾多次宣稱自己對日本文學沒興趣,原因在於擔任國文老師的雙親從小逼他念日本古典文學。他在前期作品中頻頻引用世界文學名著,卻不正面提及有關日本的文學或傳統文化,似乎是一種少年反抗期的延續。但自90年代後半起,村上春樹的作品中陸續可見日本古典文學之名。如《海邊的卡夫卡》中提到了《源氏物語》與《雨月物語》;《1Q84》中引用了《平家物語》的橋段。而至短篇小説《獨立器官》,村上春樹首次引用和歌來代言故事主角的心情。本論文以收錄於《沒有女人的男人們》中之短編小說《獨立器官》為主要研究對象,探究其中所援用之日本古典文學的故事典例,分析村上春樹在本短編小說中如何吸收日本古典文學的精粹。筆者認為村上春樹在《獨立器官》中使用了流行於日本中世時期的説話文學手法來架構故事,並將平安貴族藤原敦忠及其周邊相關野史軼聞巧妙地融入小說男主角渡會醫師的愛情故事中,使得本篇作品雖為現代社會之男女愛情故事,卻處處感受到日本古典文學的氛圍。正如村上春樹本人於《沒有女人的男人們》的前言中所言,他樂於在短編小說中試用各種手法與筆調來創作。而《獨立器官》中的日本古典文學敘事手法,可謂是村上春樹在短編小説書寫的一個新境界。
17 108/1 管科系 陳水蓮 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Effect of Green Attributes Transparency on WTA for Green Cosmetics: Mediating Effects of CSR and Green Brand Concepts , [108-1] 摘要:Green attributes transparency presents new opportunities and challenges to advertisers. This study developed a research framework to enhance consumers’ willingness to adopt green cosmetics from several green constructs, such as corporate transparency, corporate social responsibility (CSR), green brand image, green brand trust, and green brand equity, and showed the green field strategy implications. This study commissioned a professional survey company to distribute an online questionnaire of cosmetic using experience to the participants. AMOS statistics software was used to analyze the measurement reliability and validity, and to examine the research hypotheses using structural equation modeling. The contribution of the study aimed to provide a correct standpoint for new concepts of green strategy in accordance with environmental trends, activities, and positive enterprise image to increase the consumers’ willingness to adopt green cosmetics from five constructs.
18 106/1 管科系 陳水蓮 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Selection of Guided Surgery Dental Implant Systems Using Network Data Envelopment Analysis , [106-1] 摘要:All dental implant system suppliers typically claim the advantages and superiority of their product’s specific attributes and functions. However, as assessment criteria are often inconsistent and conflicting, clinical dentists find it difficult to choose the most appropriate dental implant system. The present study used two-stage data envelopment analysis to measure the overall efficiency of individual dental implant systems and the relative efficiency of each phase of the selection process. The results of the present study can not only provide decision-making information for users, such as medical organizations, dentists, and patients, but may also inform guidelines for system producers to improve dental implant performance.
19 108/1 企管系 吳坤山 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Productivity Change and Decomposition in Taiwan Bakery Enterprise―Evidence from 85 °C Company , [108-1] 摘要:In recent years, the bakery market has grown rapidly. Alongside its growth and fast change, it is very important to comprehend the productivity change of the bakery industry. Nowadays, effective management is more and more important to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. Thus, productivity change of 22 self-owned stores of a famous bakery company (85 °C) from 2011 to 2016 was quantitatively analyzed and evaluated by adopting Malmquist index model in this study. Based on the Malmquist index model, the overall mean for total productivity change of 85 °C increased slightly from 2011 to 2016, and the productivity change was easily affected by technical progress. Moreover, the results also show that the north-district self-owned stores (which are located in subtropical climate) have the worst technical progress and total factor productivity change during 2011–2016 period by adopting the non-parametric Kruskal–Wallis and Dunn post-hoc test.
20 108/1 統計系 陳蔓樺 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Varying coefficient transformation cure models for failure time data , [108-1] 摘要:This article discusses regression analysis of right-censored failure time data where there may exist a cured subgroup, and also covariate effects may be varying with time, a phenomena that often occurs in many medical studies. To address the problem, we discuss a class of varying coefficient transformation models along with a logistic model for the cured subgroup. For inference, a sieve maximum likelihood approach is developed with the use of spline functions, and the asymptotic properties of the proposed estimators are established. The proposed method can be easily implemented, and the conducted simulation study suggests that the proposed method works well in practical situations. An illustrative example is provided.
21 108/1 數學系 温啟仲 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Sample size determination for semiparametric analysis of current status data , [108-1] 摘要:Semiparametric transformation models, which include the Cox proportional hazards and proportional odds models as special cases, are popular in current practice of survival analysis owing to that, in contrast to parametric models, no assumption on the baseline distribution is required. Although sample size calculations for semiparametric survival analysis with right-censored data are available, no such calculation exits in literature for semiparametric analysis with current status data, where only an examination time and whether the event occurs prior to the examination are observable. We develop sample size calculation for semiparametric two-group comparison or regression analysis with current status data. The proposed formula can be readily implemented with given effect size, power level, covariate group proportions, covariate-specific examination (censoring) time distributions, and proportions of events observed in the control group at a few knot points in the study period. Simulation results show that the proposed sample size calculation is adequate in the sense that it leads to studies with empirical power very close to the planned power level. We illustrate practical applications of the proposal through examples from an animal tumorigenicity study and a cross-sectional survey on osteoporosis status in the elderly.
22 108/1 日文系 馬耀輝 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 林子平『父兄訓』之研究(三) —以「八德」教育為中心— , [108-1] 摘要:江戶時代的武士林子平(1738~93)寫了「父兄訓」,強調父兄在家中的「八德」—孝、悌、忠、信、勇、義、廉、恥—教育之重要性,也是他教育思想的核心。他告訴「父兄」要知曉「八德」、以身作則、諄諄教誨這八種德目於子弟,培養賢良人材以改善社會風氣。其思想內容與視野具有時代先驅性與超前性。至於對現代有何啟示,有待更進一步的研究。
23 108/2 課程所 曾聖翔 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Enhancing multimodal literacy using augmented reality , [108-2] 摘要:Augmented reality (AR) technology has been used to successfully improve traditional literacy. However, there has been a paradigm shift in literacy education from traditional literacy to multimodal literacy. Little research has explored how students establish effective multimodal meaning-making using AR technology. This study is an investigation of how EFL college students use different multimodal modes to communicate with others using AR technology. Participants were 52 English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students. The collected data included (a) pre-and post-administrations of a multimodal literacy survey, (b) students’ use of different modes to introduce tourist spots within the location-based AR app, and (c) students’ reflection essays. The results demonstrated that the modes which students used were categorized into visual and auditory forms. The visual mode was composed of visual effects, images, and animations, whose functions were to focus viewers’ attention on what is important, provide concrete ideas, process complex information, and promote engagement. The auditory mode consisted of background music and sound effects, which were used to arouse emotional feelings and enhance immersive experiences. The results also revealed that creating the content in a location-based AR app with the combination of different multimodal media significantly improved students’ multimodal literacy.
24 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Effects of a smartphone-based videoconferencing program for older nursing home residents on depression, loneliness, and quality of life: a quasi-experimental study , [108-1] 摘要:Background: Smartphones can optimize the opportunities for interactions between nursing home residents and their families. However, the effectiveness of smartphone-based videoconferencing programs in enhancing emotional status and quality of life has not been explored. The purpose of this study was to evaluate of the effect of a smartphone-based videoconferencing program on nursing home residents’ feelings of loneliness, depressive symptoms and quality of life. Methods: This study used a quasi-experimental research design. Older residents from seven nursing homes in Taiwan participated in this study. Nursing homes (NH) were randomly selected as sites for either the intervention group (5 NH) or the control group (2 NH); NH residents who met the inclusion criteria were invited to participate. The intervention group was comprised of 32 participants; the control group was comprised of 30 participants. The intervention group interacted with their family members once a week for 6 months using a smartphone and a “LINE” application (app). Data were collected with self-report instruments: subjective feelings of loneliness, using the University of California Los Angeles Loneliness Scale; depressive symptoms, using the Geriatric Depression Scale; and quality of life using the SF-36. Data were collected at four time points (baseline, and at 1-month, 3-months and 6-months from baseline). Data were analysed using the generalized estimating equation approach. Results: After the intervention, as compared to those in the control group, participants in interventional group had significant decreases in baseline loneliness scores at 1 months (β = − 3.41, p < 0.001), 3 months (β = − 5.96, p < 0.001), and 6 months (β = − 7.50, p < 0.001), and improvements in physical role (β = 36.49, p = 0.01), vitality (β = 13.11, p < 0.001) and pain scores (β = 16.71, p = 0.01) at 6 months. However, changes in mean depression scores did not significantly differ between groups. Conclusions: Smartphone-based videoconferencing effectively improved residents’ feelings of loneliness, and physiological health, vitality and pain, but not depressive symptoms. Future investigations might evaluate the effectiveness of other media-based technologies in nursing homes as well as their effectiveness within and between different age cohorts.
25 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A comparison of quality of life between patients treated with different dialysis modalities in Taiwan , [108-1] 摘要:Purpose This study compared the quality of life (QOL) of hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients in Taiwan. Methods This cross-sectional study recruited end-stage renal disease patients from 34 Taiwanese hospitals or clinics. Patient characteristics, diagnoses, and laboratory data were extracted from charts. The Chinese version of the Quality of Life Index–Dialysis version (QLI-D) was used. Multiple linear regression analysis showed the effects of dialysis modality on QOL. P<0.05 indicated statistical significance. Results In total, 600 HD and 387 PD patients were included. The mean health and functioning, social and economic, psychological/spiritual, and family subscale scores and total QOL scores were significantly lower in HD patients than PD patients. After adjusting for region, hospital level, age, education level, marital status, and Karnofsky Performance Scale, the total QOL was 2.81 points higher for PD patients than for HD patients visiting medical centers (p<0.001). The total QOL was 2.53 points lower in PD patients than in HD patients for those visiting clinics. Conclusion Compared to HD patients, PD patients had better QOL in Taiwanese medical centers. The current survey improves our understanding of the QOL of patients undergoing different dialysis modalities in Taiwan.
26 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Autoimmune Psychosis Needs an Early Immune-modulating Therapy , [108-1] 摘要:
27 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Integration of Different Sensory Interventions from Mother’s Breast Milk for Preterm Infant Pain During Peripheral Venipuncture Procedures: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial , [108-1] 摘要:Purpose: To compare the effects of integrating mother’s breast milk (BM) with three different combinations of sensory stimuli on preterm infant pain during peripheral venipuncture procedures. Design: A prospective, repeated-measures randomized controlled trial. Methods: Preterm infants (gestational age between 28 and 37 weeks, and in stable condition) needing venipuncture were recruited by convenience sampling (N = 140) and randomly assigned to four treatment conditions: (a) routine care (condition 1); (b) BM odor or taste (condition 2); (c) BM odor or taste + heartbeat sounds (HBs; condition 3), and (d) BM odor or taste + HBs + non-nutritive sucking (NNS; condition 4). Pain scores were assessed based on the Premature Infant Pain Profile-Revised (PIPP-R) over nine phases: baseline (phase 0, 5 min without stimuli before venipuncture), disinfecting (phase 1), during venipuncture (phase 2), and a 10-min recovery (phases 3–8). Findings: Infants who received BM odor or taste + HBs + NNS had significantly lower increases in pain scores from baseline compared with controls across phases 1 through 8. Infants treated with either condition 2 or 3 demonstrated significant reductions in mild pain during disinfecting and recovery phases, as compared with the controls. When condition 2 was used as the reference, there were no significant differences in pain scores between the infants receiving condition 3 across the nine phases, suggesting mothers’ HBs have only mild analgesic effects on venipuncture pain. Conclusions: Integration of mother’s BM odor or taste, HBs, and tactile NNS should be considered as an intervention for alleviation of procedural pain for preterm infants. Clinical Relevance: Clinicians should incorporate the integrated sensory intervention into caregiving support for preterm infants undergoing short painful procedures.
28 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A Web-Based Self-Titration Program to Control Blood Pressure in Patients With Primary Hypertension: Randomized Controlled Trial , [108-1] 摘要:Background: Hypertension is a major cause of mortality in cardiac, vascular, and renal disease. Effective control of elevated blood pressure has been shown to reduce target organ damage. A Web-based self-titration program may empower patients to control their own disease, share decisions about antihypertensive dose titration, and improve self-management, ultimately improving health-related quality of life. Objective: Our primary aim was to evaluate the effects of a Web-based self-titration program for improving blood pressure control in patients with primary hypertension. Our secondary aim was to evaluate the effects of that program on improving health-related quality of life. Methods: This was a parallel-group, double-blind, randomized controlled trial with assessments at baseline, 3 months, and 6 months. We included patients with primary hypertension (blood pressure>130/80 mm Hg) from a cardiology outpatient department in northern Taiwan and divided them randomly into intervention and control groups. The intervention group received the Web-based self-titration program, while the control group received usual care. The random allocation was concealed from participants and outcome evaluators. Health-related quality of life was measured by the EuroQol five-dimension self-report questionnaire. We used generalized estimating equations to evaluate the effects of the intervention. Results: We included 222 patients and divided them equally into intervention (n=111) and control (n=111) groups. Patients receiving the Web-based self-titration program showed significantly greater improvement in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure control than those who did not receive this program, at 3 months (–21.4 mm Hg and –5.4 mm Hg, respectively; P<.001) and 6 months (–27.8 mm Hg and –9.7 mm Hg, respectively; P<.001). Compared with the control group, the intervention group showed a significant decrease in the overall defined daily dose at both 3 (–0.202, P=.003) and 6 (–0.236, P=.001) months. Finally, health-related quality of life improved significantly in the intervention group compared with the control group at both 3 and 6 months (both, P<.001). Conclusions: A Web-based self-titration program can provide immediate feedback to patients about how to control their blood pressure and manage their disease at home. This program not only decreases mean blood pressure but also increases health-related quality of life in patients with primary hypertension.
29 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Respiratory sinus arrhythmia biofeedback therapy may increase heart rate variability activity and decrease reactivity in male patients with major depressive disorder: A pilot study , [108-1] 摘要:Objectives: Evidence suggests that depression is associated with a decreased trend of heart rate variability (HRV), which has been considered to be associated with unfavorable physical outcomes, and not resolved using various antidepressant medication treatments despite resolution of depression symptoms. In the present study, we intended to evaluate the effectiveness of HRV in respiratory sinus arrhythmia-biofeedback therapy (RSA-BT) on depression and HRV. Methods: We recruited 67 depressed male patients who received antidepressant or benzodiazepine treatments, received a psychological assessment, and were followed with a 3-week, 6-session RSA-BT. Results: After RSA-BT, HRV reactivity showed a significant mean decrease of 6.06 in low-frequency normal unit (p = 0.001) and 0.24 in the low-frequency/high-frequency (LF/HF) ratio (p < 0.05) and borderline but nonsignificant increase of 2.63 in HF normal unit (HFnu) during the stress task compared with those data at baseline (rest), indicating parasympathetic dominance during mental stress. At resting, post-RSA-BT showed a significant increase in LF, total power, variation (VAR), LFnu, and LF/HF (p = 0.001) and a significant decrease in HFnu (p = 0.001), indicating HRV activity increase and a shift autonomic nervous balance to sympathetic side compared to pre-RSA-BT data. Those patients also showed significant reductions in depression severity post-RSA-BT (p < 0.001) after controlling medication effect. Conclusion: The study results highlight the potential rôle of RSA-BT on the increased HRV activity with a shift sympathetic predominance at rest and decreased HRV reactivity toward parasympathetic dominance during mental stress in patients with depression, which is not related to the effects of antidepressant or benzodiazepine medicatio
30 108/1 產經系 胡登淵 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 The labor market impact of relative body weight in Taiwan--a semiparametric analysis , [108-1] 摘要:This study investigates the impact of relative body weight on the wage of full-time workers using a semiparametric partially linear model, by age cohort and gender. It defines relative body weight as relative BMI. The data mainly come from the 2004, 2006 and 2008 Panel Study of Family Dynamics of Taiwan. The results of the 2006 wave show that the wage penalty for heavy persons is more significant among women than among men, in both the main and child samples. A penalty for thin persons also appears among young women. These patterns are robust to specifications correcting for endogeneity. Substantial differences in the relative BMI-wage profile between men and women indicate that the findings are consistent with the implication of cultivation theory—society holds different body standards for men versus women. By tracking the same cohort, it finds that the differences are reduced when the males and females both get older.
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