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121 107/1 化材系 鄭廖平 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Preparation of hydrophobic nanofibers by electrospinning of PMMA dissolved in 2-propanol and water , [107-1] 著者:Hui-Yi Chang; Chao-Ching Chang; Liao-Ping Cheng
122 108/2 電機系 莊博任 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Enhanced Attack Blocking in IoT Environments: Engaging Honeypots and Machine Learning in SDN OpenFlow Switches , [108-2] 著者:Po-Jen Chuang; Tzu-Chao Hung
123 107/1 水環系 簡義杰 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Comparing ozonation and biofiltration treatment of source water with high cyanobacteria-derived organic matter: the case of a water treatment plant followed by a small-scale water distribution system , [107-1] 著者:I-Chieh Chien; Sheng-Pei Wu; Hsien-Chun Ke; Shang-Lien Lo; Hsin-hsin Tung
124 108/2 化學系 王三郎 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Coagulation of chitin production wastewater from shrimp scraps with by-product chitosan and chemical coagulants , [108-2] 著者:Nguyen Van Nhi Tran; Qiming Jimmy Yu; Tan Phong Nguyen; San‐Lang Wang
125 108/1 資工系 許輝煌 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Patient Oriented Readability Assessment for Heart Disease Healthcare Documents , [108-1] 著者:Hui-Huang Hsu; Yu-Sheng Chen; Chuan-Jie Lin; Tun-Wen Pai
126 108/1 資工系 許輝煌 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Stages by Renal Ultrasound Imaging , [108-1] 著者:Chi-Jim Chen; Tun-Wen Pai; Hui-Huang Hsu; Chien-Hung Lee; Kuo-Su Chen; Yung-Chih Chen
127 109/1 管科系 倪衍森 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The profitability of Bollinger Bands: Evidence from the constituent stocks of Taiwan 50 , [109-1] 著者:Yensen Ni; Min-Yuh Day; Paoyu Huang; Shang-Ru Yua
128 108/1 化學系 蔡旻燁 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Multiple Binding Configurations of Fis Protein Pairs on DNA: Facilitated Dissociation versus Cooperative Dissociation , [108-1] 著者:Min-Yeh Tsai; Weihua Zheng; Mingchen Chen; Peter G. Wolynes
129 108/1 電機系 衛信文 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Mitigating write amplification issue of SMR drives via the design of sequential-write-constrained cache , [108-1] 著者:Yu-Pei Liang, Shuo-Han Chen, Yuan-Hao Chang, Yong-Chin Lin, Hsin-Wen Wei, Wei-Kuan Shih
130 96/2 資工系 趙榮耀 教授 期刊論文 發佈 An Adaptive Caching Strategy for m-Learning Based on SCORM Sequencing and Navigation , [96-2] 著者:Hsuan Pu Chang; Timothy K. Shih; Qing Li; Chun-Chia Wang; Louis R. Chao
131 97/2 資工系 趙榮耀 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Research on the Performance of Protocols and the Evaluation Metric for VIDEO Transmissions in an Ad Hoc Network , [97-2] 著者:R.-S. Chen; Louis R. Chao; C.-P. Chen; C.-H. Tsai
132 106/1 大陸所 曾偉峯 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Why is China Unwelcome? Cultural Alienation, Democratic Anxiety or Economic Loss in Taiwanese Resistance to China , [106-1] 著者:Wei-Feng Tzeng; Kuan-Chen Lee; Christopher Macaulay
133 108/1 資工系 潘孟鉉 教授 期刊論文 發佈 ezNavi: An Easy-to-operate Indoor Navigation System Based on Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Crowdsourced User Trajectories , [108-1] 著者:Meng-Shiuan Pan; Kuan-Ying Li
134 108/1 數學系 郭忠勝 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The spreading speed and the minimal wave speed of a predator-prey system with nonlocal dispersal , [108-1] 著者:Arnaud Ducrot; Jong-Shenq Guo; Guo Lin; Shuxia Pan
135 108/1 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Integration of Different Sensory Interventions from Mother’s Breast Milk for Preterm Infant Pain During Peripheral Venipuncture Procedures: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial , [108-1] 著者:Hsiang-Ping Wu; Luke Yang; Hsiang-Yun Lan; Hsueh-Fang Peng; Yue-Cune Chang; Mei-Jy Jeng; Jen-Jiuan Liaw
136 107/2 資工系 林其誼 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Joint deadline-constrained and influence-aware design for allocating MapReduce jobs in cloud computing systems , [107-2] 著者:Jenn-Wei Lin; Joseph M. Arul; Chi-Yi Lin
137 106/2 數學系 徐祥峻 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Signed countings of types B and D permutations and t,q-Euler numbers , [106-2] 著者:Sen-Peng Eu; Tung-Shan Fu; Hsiang-Chun Hsu; Hsin-Chieh Liao
138 108/1 俄文系 那達怡 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Обучение аудированию в практике РКИ , [108-1] 著者:T.Ye.Naydina; E.K.Poliakova
139 108/1 資創系 張峯誠 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Error resilience for block compressed sensing with multiple-channel transmission , [108-1] 著者:H.-C. Huang; P.-L. Chen; F.-C. Chang
140 108/1 法文系 藍士盟 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Influence du minnan de Taïwan sur la perception et la production des occlusives orales du français chez les apprenants taïwanais débutants en français langue étrangère , [108-1] 著者:Landron Simon; Chi Lee Pei-Wha
141 108/1 化學系 王三郎 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Novel Efficient Bioprocessing of Marine Chitins into Active Anticancer Prodigiosin , [108-1] 著者:Van Bon Nguyen; Shan-Ping Chen; Thi Hanh Nguyen; Minh Trung Nguyen; Thi Thanh Thao Tran; Chien Thang Doan; Thi Ngoc Tran; Anh Dzung Nguyen; Yao-Haur Kuo; San-Lang Wang
142 108/1 機械系 林清彬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Degradation of Abiotic Orange II Dye and Biotic E. coli by Highly Porous SiC/AgCl/Ag0 Photocatalyst , [108-1] 著者:Jian-Hua Weng; Po-Ching Lee; Yi-Sheng Chen; C. B. Lin
143 108/1 法文系 藍士盟 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Les apprenants taïwanais réalisent-ils le voisement du français comme ils le réalisent en taïwanais ? , [108-1] 著者:Landron Simon; Chi Lee Pei-Wha
144 109/1 管科系 倪衍森 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The Impact of Institutional Shareholdings on Price Limits , [109-1] 著者:Manhwa Wu; Paoyu Huang; Yensen Ni
145 108/2 管科系 倪衍森 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Does the Role of Relatives on Ownership Structure Affect Firm Value? , [108-2] 著者:Yensen Ni; Paoyu Huang; Yirung Cheng; Wan-Chi Huang
146 108/1 化材系 許世杰 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Unraveling the Anomalous Surface-Charge-Dependent Osmotic Power Using a Single Funnel-Shaped Nanochannel , [108-1] 著者:Jyh-Ping Hsu; Tzu-Chiao Su; Po-Hsien Peng; Shih-Chieh Hsu; Min-Jie Zheng; Li-Hsien Yeh
147 108/1 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Evaluation of the Properties, Gas Permeability and Selectivity of Mixed Matrix Membrane Based on Polysulfone Polymer Matrix Incorporated with KIT-6 Silica , [108-1] 著者:Sie Hao Ding; Tiffany Yit Siew Ng; Thiam Leng Chew; Pei Ching Oh; Abdul Latif Ahmad; Chii-Dong Ho
148 108/1 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Mass transfer enhancement in double-pass concentric-tube mass exchangers under sinusoidal wall fluxes with external recycle , [108-1] 著者:Chii-Dong Ho; Gwo-Geng Lin; Jing-Min Tang; Li-Chien Liu; Li-Pang Lin; Jr-Wei Tu
149 108/1 化學系 王三郎 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Study of Novel Endophytic Bacteria for Biocontrol of Black Pepper Root-knot Nematodes in the Central Highlands of Vietnam , [108-1] 著者:Thi Phuong Hanh Tran; San-Lang Wang; Van Bon Nguyen; Dinh Minh Tran; Dinh Sy Nguyen; Anh Dzung Nguyen
150 107/1 財金系 賴曉萍 講師 期刊論文 發佈 Revisiting the roles of gold: Does gold ETF matter? , [107-1] 著者:Wan-Hsiu Cheng; Chun-Da Chen; Hsiao-Pin Lai
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