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211 106/1 管科系 陳水蓮 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Factors Affecting the U-Computing Use In the Restaurant , [106-1] 著者:Mu Lan Ma; Shui Lien Chen
212 106/2 物理系 薛宏中 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Origin of magnetic properties in carbon implanted ZnO nanowires , [106-2] 著者:Y. F. Wang; Y. C. Shao; S. H. Hsieh; Y. K. Chang; P. H. Ye h; H. C. Hsueh; J. W. Chiou; H. T. Wang; S. C. Ray; H. M. Tsai; C. W. Pao; C. H. Chen; H. J. Lin; J. F. Lee; C. T. Wu; J. J. Wu; Y. M. Chang; K. Asokan; K. H. Chae; T. Ohigashi; Y. Takagi; T. Yokoyama; N. Kosugi; W. F. Pong
213 107/1 化學系 陳志欣 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Rational design of cost-effective dyes for high performance dye-sensitized cells in indoor light environments , [107-1] 著者:Chih-Hsin Chen; Po-Ting Chou; Ta-Chung Yin; Kuan-Fu Chen; Man-Ling Jiang; Yuan Jay Chang; Chen-Kuen Tai; Bo-Cheng Wang
214 106/2 化學系 陳登豪 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Dissecting Porosity in Molecular Crystals: Influence of Geometry, Hydrogen Bonding, and [π···π] Stacking on the Solid-State Packing of Fluorinated Aromatics , [106-2] 著者:Mohamed I. Hashim; Ha T. M. Le; Teng-Hao Chen; Yu-Sheng Chen; Olafs Daugulis; Chia-Wei Hsu; Allan J. Jacobson; Watchareeya Kaveevivitchai; Xiao Liang; Tatyana Makarenko; Ognjen Š. Miljanić; Ilja Popovs; Hung Vu Tran; Xiqu Wang; Chia-Hua Wu; Judy I. Wu
215 106/1 經濟系 鄭美娟 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 The influences of defective items and trade credits on replenishment decision , [106-1] 著者:Chun-Tao Chang; Pao-Yi Soong; Mei-Chuan Cheng
216 106/2 數學系 王彥雯 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Reexamining Dis/Similarity-Based Tests for Rare-Variant Association with Case-Control Samples , [106-2] 著者:Charlotte Wang; Jung-Ying Tzeng; Pei-Zhen Wu; Martin Preisig; Chuhsing Kate Hsiao
217 106/2 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Co-cultivation of activated sludge and microalgae for the simultaneous enhancements of nitrogen-rich wastewater bioremediation and lipid production , [106-2] 著者:Wai-Hong Leong; Jun-Wei Lim; Man-Kee Lam; Yoshimitsu Uemura; Chii-Dong Ho; Yeek-Chia Ho
218 103/1 產經系 周光漢 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Factors Influencing China’s Exports with a Spatial Econometric Model , [103-1] 著者:Kuang-Hann Chou; Chien-Hsun Chen; Chao-Cheng Mai
219 106/2 運管系 許超澤 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 A Hybrid Model for Aircraft Type Determination Following Flight Cancellation , [106-2] 著者:Pedro Jose Gudiel Pineda; Chao-Che Hsu; James J.H. Liou; Huai-Wei Lo
220 104/2 產經系 吳忠育 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Public Enterprise Privatization: A General Equilibrium Analysis , [104-2] 著者:Chung‐Yu, Wu; Wen‐Jung, Liang; Chao‐Cheng, Mai
221 99/1 財金系 郭宗賢 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Patent Priority Network: Linking Patent Portfolio to Strategic Goals , [99-1] 著者:Fang Pei Su; Kuei-Kuei Lai; R.R.K. Sharma; Tsung Hsien Kuo
222 106/2 數學系 張玉坤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Effectiveness of Story-Centred Care Intervention Program in older persons living in long-term care facilities: A randomized, longitudinal study , [106-2] 著者:Hui-Wan Chuang; Chi-Wen Kao; Ming-Der Lee; Yue-Cune Chang
223 106/2 英文系 張雅慧 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Electronic feedback on second language writing: A retrospective and prospective essay on multimodality , [106-2] 著者:Carrie Chang; Kelly J. Cunningham; H. Muge Satar; Carola Strobl
224 106/1 未來學所 陳國華 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Serious Play: Transforming Futures Thinking Through Game-Based Curriculum Design , [106-1] 著者:Chen, Kuo-Hua; Jeanne Hoffman
225 106/2 管科系 張紘炬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A new model for selecting sites for chain stores in China , [106-2] 著者:Horng-Jinh Chang, Chih-Ming Hsieh
226 106/1 管科系 張紘炬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Applying Computer Simulation to Analyze the Normal Approximation of Binomial Distribution , [106-1] 著者:Horng-Jinh Chang; Ming-Chen Lee
227 106/1 管科系 張紘炬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Comparisons of Students’ stress Source in Different Countries , [106-1] 著者:Horng-Jinh Chang; Whe-Min Wang
228 106/1 管科系 張紘炬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The Hidden Power of Social-Linkage in the Office: A Co-authorship Network Analysis , [106-1] 著者:Horng-Jinh Chang; Whe-Min Wang
229 105/2 政經系 鄧盛鴻 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Taiwan's Polycentric Strategy Within the Environmental Regime Complex on Climate Change , [105-2] 著者:Reinhard Biedermann
230 106/2 水環系 李奇旺 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Scrap iron packed in a Ti mesh cage as a sacrificial anode for electrochemical Cr(VI) reduction to treat electroplating wastewater , [106-2] 著者:Vinh Ya; Esther Le Guillou; Yi-Ming Chen; Jui-Hsuan Yu; Kwang-Ho Choo; Sheng-Ming Chuang; Shou-Jen Lee; Chi-Wang Li
231 102/1 公行系 陳麗菁 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Analysis of Multivariate Interval Censoring by Diabetic Retinopathy Study , [102-1] 著者:M.-H. Chen; L.-C. Chen; K.-H. Lin; X. Tong
232 106/2 化材系 董崇民 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Studies on the alcoholysis of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and the synthesis of PHB-b-PLA block copolymer for the preparation of PLA/PHB-b-PLA blends , [106-2] 著者:Trong-Ming Don; Kuo-Hua Liao
233 106/2 化材系 董崇民 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Effect of a low-molecular-weight compatibilizer on the immiscible blends of cellulose acetate propionate and poly(butylene terephthalate) , [106-2] 著者:Nai-Yun Liang; Trong-Ming Don; Chih-Yuan Huang; Chia-Fen Lee; Wen-Yen Chiu
234 106/2 化材系 董崇民 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Enhanced reliability of LEDs encapsulated with surface-modified zirconia/silicone hybrids under thermal shock , [106-2] 著者:Yen-Ting Lin; Yen-Hsien Li; I-Ann Lei; Chih-Yu Kuo; Chia-Fen Lee; Wen-Yen Chiu; Trong-Ming Don
235 106/1 化材系 董崇民 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Temperature/pH/Enzyme Triple-Responsive Cationic Protein/PAA‑b‑PNIPAAm Nanogels for Controlled Anticancer Drug and Photosensitizer Delivery against Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer Cells , [106-1] 著者:Trong-Ming Don; Kun-Ying Lu; Li-Jie Lin; Chun-Hua Hsu; Jui-Yu Wu; Fwu-Long Mi
236 106/2 水環系 李政賢 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Numerical simulation of scour around a submarine pipeline using computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method , [106-2] 著者:Jiecheng Yang; Ying Min Low; Cheng-Hsien Lee; Yee-Meng Chiew
237 106/1 期刊論文 發佈 Numerical simulation of scour around a submarine pipeline using computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method , [106-1] 著者:Jiecheng Yang; Ying Min Lowa; Cheng-Hsien Lee; Yee-Meng Chiew
238 106/1 期刊論文 發佈 Numerical simulation of scour around a submarine pipeline using computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method , [106-1] 著者:Jiecheng Yang; Ying Min Lowa; Cheng-Hsien Lee; Yee-Meng Chiew
239 104/2 化學系 謝忠宏 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Synthesis and stability study of isocyano aryl boronate esters and their synthetic applications , [104-2] 著者:Fang, Hao-Ping; Fu, Chia-Chieh; Tai, Chin-Kuen; Chang, Ken-Hao; Yang, Ru-Han; Wu, Meng-Ju; Chen, Hsien-Chi; Li, Chia-Jung; Huang, Shi-Qing; Lien, Wan-Hsiang;
240 106/1 化學系 謝忠宏 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 A matrix of heterobimetallic complexes for interrogation of hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalysts , [106-1] 著者:Ghosh,Pokhraj; Ding,Shengda; Chupik,Rachel B.; Quiroz,Manuel; Hsieh,Chung-Hung; Bhuvanesh,Nattami; Hall,Michael B.; Darensbourg,Marcetta Y
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