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1 109/2 資工系 趙榮耀 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A 10-Year Probability Deep Neural Network Prediction Model for Lung Cancer , [109-2] 著者:Hsiu-An Lee , Louis R. Chao, and Chien-Yeh Hsu
2 105/1 化學系 黃家琪 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 The Effect of Disulfide Bonds on Protein Folding, Unfolding, and Misfolding Investigated by FT-Raman Spectroscopy , [105-1] 著者:Chih-Hsien Wang; Chia-Chi Huang; Long-Liu Lin; Wenlung Chen
3 109/2 航太系 蕭富元 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Coarse Sun Acquisition for Micro Satellites Using only Sun Sensors , [109-2] 著者:Fu-Yuen Hsiao; Wei-Ting Chou; Trendon Cato; Carla Rebelo
4 109/1 運管系 許超澤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Building a grey-based multi-criteria decision-making model for offshore wind farm site selection , [109-1] 著者:Huai-Wei Lo; Chao-Che Hsu; Bo-Cheng Chen; James J.H. Liou
5 109/1 運管系 許超澤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 An ITARA-TOPSIS Based Integrated Assessment Model to Identify Potential Product and System Risks , [109-1] 著者:Huai-Wei Lo; Chao-Che Hsu; Chun-Nen Huang; James J. H. Liou
6 107/2 資管系 朱志平 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Solving Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling Problem with Combinatorial Auction Mechanisms , [107-2] 著者:Chi-Bin Cheng; Chiao-Yu Lo; Chih-Ping Chu
7 105/2 機械系 王鈺詞 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Developing Customized Dental Miniscrew Surgical Template from Thermoplastic Polymer Material Using Image Superimposition, CAD System, and 3D Printing , [105-2] 著者:Yu-Tzu Wang; Jian-Hong Yu; Lun-Jou Lo; Pin-Hsin Hsu; Chun-Li Lin
8 105/1 會計系 陳秀梅 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 The impact of Second Generation National Health Insurance on stock prices- based upon supplementary premium charges on dividend income , [105-1] 著者:Ku-Jun Lin; Hai-Ming Chen; Hsiu-Mei Chen; Wen-Chen Lo
9 109/1 水環系 洪貞伶 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Impacts of urban drainage systems on stormwater hydrology: Rocky Branch Watershed, Columbia, South Carolina , [109-1] 著者:Logan D. Ress; Chen‐Ling J. Hung; L. Allan James
10 108/2 化學系 蔡旻燁 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 AWSEM-Suite: a protein structure prediction server based on template-guided, coevolutionary-enhanced optimized folding landscapes , [108-2] 著者:Shikai Jin; Vinicius G Contessoto; Mingchen Chen; Nicholas P Schafer; Wei Lu; Xun Chen; Carlos Bueno; Arya Hajitaheri; Brian J Sirovetz; Aram Davtyan; Garegin A Papoian; Min-Yeh Tsai; Peter G Wolynes
11 109/1 會計系 郭樂平 教授 期刊論文 發佈 The Drivers of Carbon Disclosure: Evidence from China's Sustainability Plans , [109-1] 著者:Hui-Cheng Yu; Lopin Kuo; Beiling Ma
12 108/2 物理系 莊程豪 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Revealing the Active Phase of Copper during the Electroreduction of CO2 in Aqueous Electrolyte by Correlating In Situ X-ray Spectroscopy and In Situ Electron Microscopy , [108-2] 著者:Juan-Jesus Velasco-Velez; Rik V. Mom; Luis Sandoval; Lorenz Falling; Cheng-Hao Chuang; Dunfeng Gao; Travis E. Jones; Qingjun Zhu; Rosa Arrigo; Beatriz Roldan Cuenya; Axel Knop-Gericke; Thomas Lunkenbein; Robert Schlögl
13 108/1 物理系 莊程豪 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ruthenium Nanoparticles with a Metallic Core and a Ruthenium Carbide Shell for Low-Temperature Activation of CO2 to Methane , [108-1] 著者:Jorge Cored; Andrea García-Ortiz; Sara Iborra; María J. Climent; Lichen Liu; Cheng-Hao Chuang; Ting-Shan Chan; Carlos Escudero; Patricia Concepción; Avelino Corma
14 108/2 物理系 莊程豪 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Revealing the Active Phase of Copper during the Electroreduction of CO2 in Aqueous Electrolyte by Correlating In Situ X‑ray Spectroscopy and In Situ Electron Microscopy , [108-2] 著者:Juan-Jesus Velasco-Velez; Rik V. Mom; Luis-Ernesto Sandoval-Diaz; Lorenz J. Falling; Cheng-Hao Chuang; Dunfeng Gao; Travis E. Jones; Qingjun Zhu; Rosa Arrigo; Beatriz Roldan Cuenya; Axel Knop-Gericke; Thomas Lunkenbein; Robert Schlögl
15 107/2 物理系 陳樫旭 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Vibration isolation system with a compact damping system for power recycling mirrors of KAGRA , [107-2] 著者:Y Akiyama; T Akutsu; M Ando; K Arai; Y Arai; S Araki; A Araya; N Aritomi; H Asada; Y Aso; S Bae; L Baiotti; M A Barton; K Cannon; E Capocasa; C-S Chen; T-W Chiu; K Cho; Y-K Chu; K Craig; V Dattilo; K Doi; Y Enomoto; R Flaminio; Y Fujii; M-K Fujimoto; M Fukunaga; M Fukushima; T Furuhata; S Haino; K Hasegawa; Y Hashimoto; K Hashino; K Hayama; T Hirayama; E Hirose; B H Hsieh; C-Z Huang; B Ikenoue; Y Inoue; K Ioka; Y Itoh; K Izumi; T Kaji; T Kajita; M Kakizaki; M Kamiizumi; S Kanbara; N Kanda; S Kanemura; G Kang; J Kasuya; N Kawai; T Kawasaki; C Kim; W S Kim; J Kim; J C Kim; N Kimura; S Kirii; Y Kitaoka; H Kitazawa; Y Kojima; K Kokeyama; K Komori; A Kong; K Kotake; R Kozu; R Kumar; H-S Kuo; S Kuroki; S Kuroyanagi; H K Lee; H M Lee; H W Lee; M Leonardi; C-Y Lin; F-L Lin; G C Liu; M Marchio; T Matsui; Y Michimura; N Mio; O Miyakawa; A Miyamoto; S Miyoki; W Morii; S Morisaki; Y Moriwaki; M Musha; S Nagano; K Nagano; K Nakamura; T Nakamura; H Nakano; M Nakano; T Narikawa; L Nguyen Quynh;a W-T Ni; A Nishizawa; Y Obuchi; J Oh; S H Oh; M Ohashi; N Ohishi; M Ohkawa; K Okutomi; K Ono; K Oohara; C P Ooi; S-S Pan; F Paoletti; J Park; R Passaquieti; F E Peña Arellano; N Sago; S Saito; Y Saito; K Sakai; Y Sakai; M Sasai; S Sato; T Sato; T Sekiguchi; Y Sekiguchi; M Shibata; T Shimoda; H Shinkai; T Shishido; A Shoda; N Someya; K Somiya; E J Son; A Suemasa; T Suzuki; T Suzuki; H Tagoshi; H Tahara; H Takahashi; R Takahashi; H Takeda; H Tanaka; K Tanaka; T Tanaka; S Tanioka; E N Tapia San Martin; T Tomaru; T Tomura; F Travasso; K Tsubono; S Tsuchida; N Uchikata; T Uchiyama; T Uehara; K Ueno; F Uraguchi; T Ushiba; M H P M van Putten; H Vocca; T Wakamatsu; Y Watanabe; W-R Xu; T Yamada; K Yamamoto; K Yamamoto; S Yamamoto; T Yamamoto; K Yokogawa; J Yokoyama; T Yokozawa; T Yoshioka; H Yuzurihara; S Zeidler; Z-H Zhu
16 109/1 物理系 薛宏中 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Magnetic and topological properties in hydrogenated transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers , [109-1] 著者:Liang-Ying Feng; Rovi Angelo B. Villaos; Harvey N. Cruzado; Zhi-Quan Huang; Chia-Hsiu Hsu; Hung-Chung Hsueh; Hsin Lin; Feng-Chuan Chuang
17 106/2 運管系 許超澤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A hybrid model for aircraft type determination following flight cancellation , [106-2] 著者:Pedro Jose Gudiel Pineda; Chao-Che Hsu; James J.H. Liou; Huai-Wei Lo
18 107/1 運管系 許超澤 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Using a hybrid method for evaluating and improving the service quality of public bike-sharing systems , [107-1] 著者:Chao-Che Hsu; James J. H. Liou; Huai-Wei Lo; Yu-Chih Wang
19 108/2 電機系 楊維斌 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 A fast-locking all-digital PLL with dynamic loop gain control and phase self-alignment mechanism for sub-GHz IoT applications , [108-2] 著者:Wei-Bin Yang; Hsi-Hua Wang; Hsin-I Chang; Yu-Lung Lo
20 108/2 物理系 彭維鋒 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Polyacrylate grafted graphene oxide nanocomposites for biomedical applications , [108-2] 著者:Elison S. Ganya; Navneet Soin; Sabata J. Moloi1; James A. McLaughlin; W. F. Pong; Sekhar C. Ray1
21 108/1 物理系 彭維鋒 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Tuning of electronic and electrical behaviour of MWCNTs-TiO2 nanocomposites , [108-1] 著者:James A.Okea; David O. Idisia; Sweety Sarmaa; S. J. Moloi; Sekhar C. Ray; K. H. Chen; A. Ghosh; A. Shelkeb; S.-H. Hsiehc; W. F. Pongb
22 107/2 電機系 楊維斌 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 A Fast Transient Response and High Current Efficiency Output-Capacitorless Low Dropout Regulator for Low-Power SoC Applications , [107-2] 著者:Wei-Bin Yang, Yu-Hsin Li, Cheng-Yang Yu, Yu-Lung Lo
23 108/1 物理系 彭維鋒 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Electronic, Electrical, and Magnetic Behavioral Change of SiO2-NP-Decorated MWCNTs , [108-1] 著者:James A. Oke; David O. Idisi; Sweety Sarma; Sabata J. Moloi; Sekhar C. Ray; Kuan Hung Chen; Anirudha Ghosh; Abhijeet Shelke; Way Faung Pong
24 108/2 管科系 婁國仁 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Monitoring role of institutional investors and acquisition performance: Evidence from East Asian markets , [108-2] 著者:Kuo-Ren Lou; Yang-Kai Lu; Cheng-Yi Shiu
25 108/1 化學系 徐秀福 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Both increasing the Iso-to-Col transition and lowering the solidifying temperatures of a triazine-based dendrimer by introducing CN polar groups in the dendritic core , [108-1] 著者:Cheng-Hua Lee; Chun-Chi Huang; Chia-Ying Li; Long-Li Lai; Jey-Jau Lee; Hsiu-Fu Hsu
26 108/1 統計系 蔡宗儒 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Accelerated life test method for the doubly truncated Burr type XII distribution , [108-1] 著者:Hua Xin; Zhifang Liu; Yuhlong Lio; Tzong-Ru Tsai
27 108/1 物理系 李明憲 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Tellurium-oxygen group enhanced birefringence in tellurium phosphates: a first-principles investigation , [108-1] 著者:Pengyun Jin; Xuerui Shi; Xiuhua Cui; Yi Jiang; Qun Jing; Ming-Hsien Lee; Mengqiu Long; Haibin Caod; Hanqin Ding*
28 107/2 物理系 董崇禮 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Au-BINOL Hybrid Nanocatalysts: Insights into the Structure-Based Enhancement of Catalytic and Photocatalytic Performance , [107-2] 著者:S. R. Patlolla; C. R. Kao; G. W. Chen; Y. C. Huang; Y. C. Chuang; B. T. Sneed; W. C. Chou; T. G. Ong; C. L. Dong; C. H. Kuo
29 108/2 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 In-Situ Yeast Fermentation Medium in Fortifying Protein and Lipid Accumulations in the Harvested Larval Biomass of Black Soldier Fly , [108-2] 著者:Chung Yiin Wong; Yeek Chia Ho; Jun Wei Lim; Pau Loke Show; Siewhui Chong; Yi Jing Chan; Chii-Dong Ho; Mardawani Mohamad; Ta Yeong Wu; Man Kee Lam; Guan Ting Pan
30 105/1 資工系 張世豪 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 A feasibility study of stateful automaton packet inspection for streaming application detection systems , [105-1] 著者:Kuo-Kun Tseng; Jiao Lo; Yiming Liu; Shih-Hao Chang; Madjid Merabti; Felix, C. K. Ng; C. H. Wu
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