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序號 學年期 教師動態
271 107/2 經濟系 廖惠珠 教授 期刊論文 發佈 A Comparison of Electricity-Pricing Programs: Economic Efficiency, Cost Recovery, and Income Distribution , [107-2] 著者:Ming-Feng Hung; Bin-Tzong Chie; Huei-Chu Liao
272 107/1 數學系 郭忠勝 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Excluding blowup at zero points of the potential by means of Liouville-type theorems , [107-1] 著者:Jong-Shenq Guo; Philippe Souplet
273 107/1 資工系 張志勇 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Towards Human Activity Recognition: A Hierarchical Feature Selection Framework , [107-1] 著者:Aiguo Wang; Guilin Chen; Xi Wu; Li Liu; Ning An; Chih-Yung Chang
274 107/1 管科系 張紘炬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 First Movers or Latecomers? Monitoring and Development Of Core Technology Capability For Solar Thin-Film Technology Vendors: The Perspective Of Patent Statistics , [107-1] 著者:Chien-Yu Lin; Hsueh-Chen Chen; Horng-Jinh Chang; Hsin-Ling Shen; Kuei-Kuei Lai
275 107/1 化學系 林志興 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Simulating surface reaction dynamics , [107-1] 著者:Jyh-Shing Lin; Shao-Yu Lu
276 108/1 管科系 廖述賢 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Big data analysis on the business process and management for the store layout and bundling sales , [108-1] 著者:S.H., Liao; Y.S, Tsai
277 107/2 機械系 林清彬 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Formation of high-quality photonic nanojets by decorating spider silk , [107-2] 著者:C. B. Lin; Zih-Huan Huang; Cheng-Yang Liu
278 107/1 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Distillate Flux Enhancement of the Concentric Circular Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Module with Spiral Wired Flow Channel , [107-1] 著者:Chii-Dong Ho; Luke Chen; Feng-Chi Tsai; Guan-Hong Lin; Jun-Wei Lim
279 107/1 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Permeate flux enhancement with roughened-surface flow channel in air gap membrane distillation systems , [107-1] 著者:Chii-Dong Ho; Luke Chen; Chun-Hsuan Cheng; Tze-Hao Hsu Jun-Wei Lim
280 107/2 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 3D printing design of turbulence promoters in a cross-flow microfiltration system for fine particles removal , [107-2] 著者:Hung-Yuan Tsai; Allen Huang; Jansen Fajar Soesanto; Yu-Lin Luo, Tong-Yang Hsu, Chien-Hua Chen; Kuo-Jen Hwang; Chii-Dong Ho; Kuo-Lun Tung
281 106/2 化材系 何啟東 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Mesoporous Materials Synthesized by Novel Reflux Synthesis Method , [106-2] 著者:Thiam Leng Chew; Cheng Kong Choy; Yin Fong Yeong; Jun Wei Lim; Abdul Latif Ahmad; Chii-Dong Ho
282 107/1 管科系 吳家齊 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Behavior Analysis of Customer Churn for a Customer Relationship System: An Empirical Case Study , [107-1] 著者:Li Chen Cheng; Chia-Chi Wu; Chih-Yi Chen
283 106/2 企管系 汪美伶 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Linking CRM to Customer-Oriented Behavior through Service Climate Perceptions. , [106-2] 著者:Mei-Ling Wang
284 107/2 水環系 李奇旺 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Cryolite (Na3AlF6) crystallization for fluoride recovery using an electrolytic process equipped with a sacrificial aluminum anode , [107-2] 著者:Ya, Vinh; Chen, Yi-Chieh; Chou, Yi-Hsuan; Choo, Kwang-Ho; Liu, Jhy-Chern; Mameda, Naresh; Li, Chi-Wang
285 105/1 師培中心 陳劍涵 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Collaborative Learning in Teacher Education Community for Pre-service Teacher Practice Learning , [105-1] 著者:Chia-Ling Hsu; Ya-Fang Chang; Chien-Han Chen; Huey-Fang Ju
286 107/1 化學系 鄧金培 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Hyaluronan-assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles and nanowires , [107-1] 著者:Jin-Pei Deng; Shin-Hau Li; Sheng-Te Chang; Yang-Chia Shih
287 107/1 化學系 王三郎 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Bioactivity-guided purification of novel herbal antioxidant and anti-NO compounds from Euonymus laxiflorus Champ , [107-1] 著者: Van Bon Nguyen; San-Lang Wang; Anh Dzung Nguyen; Zhi-Hu Lin; Chien Thang Doan; Thi Ngoc Tran; Hung Tse Huang; Yao-Haur Kuo
288 107/2 水環系 李奇旺 教授 期刊論文 發佈 High-pressure electrocoagulation system with periodic air replenishment for efficient dye wastewater treatment: Reaction dynamics and cost evaluation , [107-2] 著者:Ya, Vinh; Martin, Natacha; Choo, Kwang-Ho; Chou, Yi-Hsuan; Lee, Shou-Jen; Le, Ngoc Chung; Li, Chi-Wang
289 107/1 學動組 張弓弘 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Exercise type relates to inhibitory and error processing function in older adults , [107-1] 著者:Dan Li; Chung-Ju Hung; Sin-Chi Liu; Kung-Hung Chang; Tsung-Min Hung
290 107/1 外交與國際系 林若雩 教授 期刊論文 發佈 "India’s entry Indo-Pacific Strategies and its Implications for Taiwan and the ASEAN?" , [107-1] 著者:Dr. Joyce Juo-yu Lin
291 107/1 土木系 張德文 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Finite Difference Analysis of Vertically Loaded Raft Foundation Based on The Plate Theory with Boundary Concern , [107-1] 著者:Der-Wen Chang; Hsin-Wei Lien; Tzuyu Wang
292 107/1 統計系 蔡宗儒 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Inference from two-variable degradation data using genetic algorithm and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods , [107-1] 著者:Jyun-You Chiang; Jianping Zhu; Yu-Jau Lin; Y. L. Lio; Tzong-Ru Tsai
293 108/1 管科系 倪衍森 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Investing Strategies as Stochastic Oscillator Indicators Staying in Overreaction Zones for Consecutive Days with Big Data Concerns , [108-1] 著者:Yensen Ni; Paoyu Huang; Kaochia Ku; Yi-Ching Liao; Min-Yuh Day
294 107/1 西語系 劉莉美 助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Los neologismos en las traducciones misioneras españolas al chino de los siglos XVI y XVII , [107-1] 著者:LI MEI LIU LIU
295 106/1 資創系 黃煌文 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Illustrating the Impact of Uneven Saline Distribution on Thermal Lesion during Radiofrequency Ablation Using Computer Simulation for Smarter Healthcare Treatment , [106-1] 著者:Huang-Wen Huang; Lin Hui; Jason C. Hung; Kuei Min Wang
296 107/1 水環系 吳昀達 約聘專任助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Evolution of velocity field and vortex structure during run-down of solitary wave over very steep beach , [107-1] 著者:Chang Lin; Wei-Ying Wong; Ming-Jer Kao; Ching-Piao Tsai; Hwung-Hweng Hwung; Yun-Ta Wu; Rajkumar V. Raikar
297 107/1 水環系 吳昀達 約聘專任助理教授 期刊論文 發佈 Field survey of Typhoon Hato (2017) and a comparison with storm surge modeling in Macau , [107-1] 著者:Linlin Li; Jie Yang; Chuan-Yao Lin; Constance T. Chua; Yu Wang; Kuifeng Zhao; Yun-Ta Wu; Philip Li-Fan Liu; Adam D. Switzer; Kai Meng Mok; Peitao Wang; Dongju Peng
298 107/1 管科系 林長青 副教授 期刊論文 發佈 Rank-Based Comparative Research Flow Benchmarking the Effectiveness of AHP–GTMA on Aiding Decisions of Shredder Selection by Reference to AHP–TOPSIS , [107-1] 著者:Zheng-Yun Zhuang; Chang-Ching Lin; Chih-Yung Chen; Chia-Rong Su
299 107/1 期刊論文 發佈 Exercise type relates to inhibitory and error processing functions in older adults , [107-1] 著者:Dan Li; Chung-Ju Huang; Sin-Chi Liu; Kung-Hung Chang
300 107/1 管科系 廖述賢 教授 期刊論文 發佈 Mining consumer knowledge from shopping experience: TV shopping industry , [107-1] 著者:Chih-Hao Wen; Shu-Hsien Liao; Shu-Fang Huang
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